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  • What we want to achieve and for what purpose we exist
  • By commemorating the life and martyrdom of Imam Haron we work towards achieving social justice



To inform, educate and inspire people to attain social justice through commemorating the life and martyrdom of Imam Haron

We do this by recognising that Imam Haron was actively involved with all sectors of South African society and this committee will emulate his example by
Being respectful of all views within the Muslim community

Be open to and accessible to all progressive political persuasions that seek to establish social justice

Be attentive to and actively promote the needs and concerns of youth and children

Build relationships with people of all faiths and no faith.

Actively working against racial and gender division



  • Inclusive
  • Cooperative
  • Supportive
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Team work
  • Accountability


Commemoration Committee – Invited by family
Based on experience and skill, Mix of race and gender, location

Not exclusive or conclusive – inclusive

  • Associate members in other cities – eg. Thandile in ECAPE, Bofelo-GTG
  • Support existing initiatives eg IAHET, Qibla
  • Active collaborations, Timol Trust, Kathrada, Biko, Sobukwe etc
  • Encourage others to include IH50thC in their existing activities
    Eg. Faith, sport, cultural, religious, spiritual etc.

What: Suggested activities

Religious – Thikr, 50 tilawa , arwah
Educational – Eisteddford –Quiz, speech, writing, protest art
Academic – conference
Sport – Imam Haron Cup, walk with President
Art – Exhibition of Protest Art of Y Casker
Political – with others Timol, Biko, Haffegee
Publications- coffee table, Prof Haron
Dialogues – Aged – inter-generational



Cape Town – Nationally, Cyberspace Media
City Park,
District 6 Museum
Islamia Auditorium –
Oaklands School Hall – Dialogue
Al Jaamia – Thursday 26th September
ACSA- Cape Town International Airport
Streets of Cape Town – Flag poles COCT


123 Days From Imprisonment to Martyrdom

  • Mar/April     Announce the Eisteddford
  • May 28 ——-Media Launch – Ramadhaan
  • June –           Focus on Youth – School Holidays Shawaal – People leaving for Haj
  • July –              Focus on Inter-generational Dialogue – Dhil Qaida
  • August –        Focus on Girls and Women – Dhul Hajj
  • September – Focus on Political – Muharram (10th on the 9th Sept)
  • November – Mass Moulood


Working Committees will establish key performance indicators to measure
How efficiently and effectively the task was completed.. They will with my support
establish a budget, set criteria measuring success, eg youth, gender, race reached

Funds requested/raised for Overall Marketing Materials,
Pop-up Banners, Outdoor Banners, Billboards
Sale of Blanket – Caps, Badges, T-shirts etc
Transport and Catering
Media strategy – Rushni Allie
Mobical – still exploring this platform SK-SMathews
Writing in mainstream media –op-eds
Writing/Social Media workshops for youth and women
District 6 – training in Oral History

HUMAN RESOURCES Working Committees – fully functional by end Dec 2018

SWOT ANALYSIS Continuous Review the Internal Strengths and Weakness of the committee and evaluate the  External Opportunities and Threats that may impact on our work.

RISK ANALYSIS Brand confusion, negative / disruptive elements

FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS cost share, co-branding, budget drawn up and requested specific to events. Sale of t-shirts, etc

Monitoring Evaluation and Measuring Impact Per event based on Indicators of WC.